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Chicago, IL – What is the recipe for a new fine fragrance at an affordable price?

Take one savvy Chicagoan, mix in 30 years of cosmetic and fragrance industry experience, add a splash of an idea and Cocktail the newest, hottest fragrance is ready to be served!

Gigi Gold, a seasoned veteran in the fields of cosmetics and fragrance sales, has added a twist to the fragrance industry by creating a luxurious perfume that appeals to many different tastes through a careful blend of florals and musk.

Says Gigi, “The real secret to my blend of success? Hard work and experience”! 

Gigi Gold, a working mother of three, began her retail sales career at age 19 selling Borghese cosmetics at Lord & Taylor before moving on to the number one Clinique cosmetics and skincare counter in the Marshall Field’s stores. Over the next several years Gigi experienced real success leading sales numbers for brands such as Giorgio of Beverly Hills (the first fragrance to introduce in-store fragrance spritzers), Coty men’s fragrances, Tommy Bahama and L’Oreal with Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani.

Success and number one brands came through hard work and lots of interactive customer service. Gigi spent these years honing her sales skills, creative marketing strategies, and also her listening skills. She knew what customers were looking for and how to “sell” a fragrance. When the recession hit, luxury items became a harder “sell” and Gigi realized the need for an affordable option; many of her customers couldn’t afford the big name brands she was selling.

Having listened to her customers for many years, she felt confident enough to fill that industry void by creating Cocktail, which launched after a year of research and planning, under Gigi’s company, Cocktail Perfume, LLC.

Cocktail is the perfect marriage of a sophisticated violet leaf and bergamot top note, Jasmine to create a flirty modern floral bouquet mid note, and finally a rich woody mix of blonde woods and Amber with musk for a sensual bottom note finish; a balance created to be light but seductive at the same time.

The “mix-master” used natural oils to be long lasting for an even better value (so it may be the first thing you put on and the last thing that comes off) playfully mixing floral, spice and vibrancy at a reasonable ($56.00) price point (1.7 oz bottle).

Gigi is very proud to offer her fragrance at luxurious RONROBINSON in Fred Segal, on line at and through specialty boutiques.

Moreover, Gold uses only recyclable materials and 100% of her products are made in the U.S.A. A portion of all proceeds from Cocktail will be donated to CURED, a non-profit that is near and dear to her heart which raises money for research on eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders (EGID’s).

1 in 900 people are diagnosed annually with digestive system disorders and this number is on the rise. EGID’s are caused by having too many eosinophils, a type of immune cell. When triggered by the body’s immune system, eosinophils release toxins which cause inflammation often resulting in tissue damage to the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine blood and other organs.

A Little More About Gigi by Gigi Gold

So about me… Gigi…

I have been happily married for 25 years. I have 3 amazing kids 2 boys and a girl ages 24-18. I have the best dog Tank, and the best cat Tiger EVER!

I LOVE to laugh and make people laugh! Im very happy,passionate and out going. I’d rather give than receive. I’m very funny. I am very true to myself and believe that everyone should always do whats right. I am a caring and devoted mother and wife — well, I’d like to think so :)

Volunteering to help others is a huge part of who I am and hopefully I have instilled this quality in my kids, as well as, trust. Trust is extremely important to me.

I love LOVE! I’m a sucker for a great love story! I’m a true Capricorn: Mother earth and very driven.

Most people don’t know that I love to go to Barnes and Noble and sit on the floor for hours reading business and home decorating books.

I love Reese’s peanut butter cup minis!

I love my Starbucks latte.


I enjoy all sports but I am a HUGE Basketball fan, to the point of embarrassing my family because I get too loud watching a game!

I love to be barefoot.

I love to be by the ocean and the mountains.

I love gardening.

My favorite quote is: “Be the change you want to see!”