Favorite scents and smooth skin secrets in a lotionEver since I was young, I’ve battled with dry skin.  It seems like every day after my shower, my skin is dried out even more than it was when I first step into the shower.  I have tried so many products, all promising to make my skin baby soft again.  Unfortunately, I’ve been let down many times by these false hopes and false promises.

I remember very well the day I found out about Lotiontini.  My best friend had just purchased some.  She called me the night before just raving about this new lotion she had found.  She asked me to come over the next day and try some.  Its name was Lotiontini.  The name sounded interesting and it didn’t take much persuasion.  In fact, I had been battling dry skin for months and I was desperate to try something new.  I readily agreed to come and look at her purchase the following day.

What I learned that day at her house, changed me.  It changed the way my skin looks, the way it feels.  It brought a radiance out in my skin that I had long forgotten was there.  But, it was.  I will never forget the day my best friend friend helped me to discover Lotiontini and its smooth skin secrets.

I could hardly wait to get my own bottle so that I could incorporate Lotiontini into my own personal beauty routine.  I felt as though I had been given a gift.

And now, I share that gift with you.  Lotiontini can transform the way your skin feels, creating that baby-softness you crave.  That irresistibly, touchable skin that guys go nuts over.  Trust me, I’ve been there.  I know what you’re going through, living in skin that drives you insane.  I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to do that anymore.  Your life can change too.  Try it for yourself and see what a difference smooth skin can make. It’ll become your favorite smell, no doubt. Contact us today.

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