Have you ever wished to attract a man? Scent is one of the most important aspects of attraction.

According to Ask Men, “Attractiveness isn’t the only thing that is influenced by scent. Numerous studies have consistently shown that women and men evaluate many things more positively — everything from artwork to other people — when we judge them in the presence of a good smell.”  Lotiontini is a good smelling aloe moisturizng lotion men like and we will review why it might be a good purchase decision if you are trying to attract men with your smell.

The first aspect of this product by Cocktail Perfume to consider is the wide array of scents that are used. Many lotions will only rely on a couple of different scents. This body lotion combines three different scents, allowing for the person smelling the scent to be struck in as many ways as possible. Diversifying the scents in your lotion is a good way to attract as many different men as possible, since each individual will likely prefer a certain part of the perfume.

Lotiontini also has moisturizing abilities due to the fact that it contains aloe. Aloe is a moisturizer derived from the aloe cactus and is great for softening the skin or treating burns. Not only does this perfume smell nice, it also leaves your skin appearing positively radiant.

Apply lotion and love how you’ll feel.

This lotion has three components: Jasmine, sensuous violet and a seductive amber bottom note. The chemistry between these scents is sure to leave members of the male sex drooling over how wonderful you smell.

Take the time to contact us about our Lotiontini lotion. Whether it comes to smell or simply enhancing the look of your skin, there is simply nothing better currently available on the market. Make this simple investment today and watch your dating chances skyrocket.

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