Healthy for skin and paraben free. That’s my new lotionOne aspect of my sexuality that I always struggled with was my skin quality. I had been plagued with acne, dry and cracking skin and uneven skin tone for the majority of my life. I decided that it was time to stop.

The first idea I had was to change up my diet. You are what you eat. My diet had been previously based on a high glycemic index with a lot of junk food as well as fast food. This diet also resulted in my gaining excessive weight.

In an effort to detoxify my body from the toxins that were causing the acne as well as lose some weight, I decided to start working out on a regular basis. While I did start small, I eventually worked out a pretty serious workout routine that had me losing weight in no time at all.

Another technique I tried was sitting in saunas. Saunas are basically rooms filled with steam that cause your body to sweat profusely. This technique helped further with detoxification and was especially helpful for unclogging my pores of blackheads. According to Livestrong, “During a sauna, steam cleanses the skin of dead cells, sebum and surface bacteria that can cause pimples and blemishes. This process encourages new skin cell production and increases capillary circulation, improving the overall health of the skin.”

However, even after all of these treatments I was still not satisfied with my skin quality. I decided to take the advice of a friend and try using a lotion called Lotiontini. Lotiontini is healthy for skin and paraben free. It smells of violet, jasmine and amber. I heard about the lotion from a friend and immediately after I began using it I was able to obtain satisfactory results.
I was no surprise to me why Lotiontini is the leader in natural health products. Also key is promise of paraben free preservatives.

Take the time to contact us if you have any questions about our Lotiontini skin lotion.

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