Ladies, here’s the skinny on maintaining healthy skin.

Our skin must be kept adequately hydrated in order for it to protect our bodies from UV radiation, microorganisms and toxic agents.

To keep your skin flexible and allow your protective barrier to stay intact, Hydrate skin naturally with Lotiontini body lotion. It’s a luscious, moisturizing and non-greasy. So, pamper yourself with this lightly-scented lotion that’ll wrap you in happiness.

I’m hooked on Lotiontini. It’s just the right treatment for my skin. I apply Lotiontini with its natural oils every day and look younger. That’s how I feel, too.

Lotiontini  was created to stay with you all day long. That means the compliments will be coming morning, noon and night. You won’t get tired of hearing, “Wow, she looks young!”

Your skin changes in many important ways as you age. That’s where the importance of Lotiontini comes into play. It rejuvenates drying skin by replacing lost moisture, making the skin vibrant.
Skin that is hydrated will maintain not only its health, but also a youthful appearance, free from chaps and wrinkles.

Wrinkles? We all hate when a new one pops up want to show them the exit door.

I’m singing the praises of Lotiontini to all my family and friends. They thank me over and over again for telling them about it. I must sound like a broken record because I constantly tell them, “It’s not me, it’s Lotiontini!”
Of all the new lotions on store shelves, Lotiontini is the body lotion they choose.

Lotiontini — with its natural oils and Vitamin E — not only replaces lost moisture, but also seals the freshly hydrated skin to prevent further water loss.

Also of importance is that Lotiontini is paraben-free. Parabens are synthetic preservatives used in cosmetics and personal care products such as deodorants, moisturizers and shampoos.

Be good to yourself and your skin. Apply Lotiontini so you can feel and look like a beauty!

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