Natural Perfume Ingredients For YouI am sensitive. I’m not talking about emotionally sensitive. I have sensitivities to products and strange concoctions on my skin.
It’s gotten to be a real pain, too. It got so bad that when I would go to the doctor’s office, I would sit down and if I caught a whiff of perfume…immediately, I would break out in hives.

Yes. It was that bad.

It kind of stinks when you are a girl and all of the other girls get to wear the latest scents and all the guys love it when they smell so pretty. I just smell like the cheapest soap on the market; because it’s the only one that is guaranteed not to break me out in a rash.

And then a friend told me about this new perfume. She was just raving about it. She promised me that it had natural ingredients that wouldn’t cause me any problems. I laughed her off.  EVERYTHING causes me problems. But, secretly, I had to find out for myself.

The company boasts about Cocktail Perfume: Natural perfume ingredients for you. Could it be true? Something that won’t counteract with the delicate balance of my body’s chemistry and cause me to break out in hives? I don’t mind telling you…I was nervous. Really nervous. But, when I thought about the possibility of having all of my friends come up to me with that shocked look on their face saying, “What are you wearing?”, I figured it was worth gambling with the possibility of spending a week recovering from a possible reaction.

But, guess what? I had no reaction! The company stood by its word of natural ingredients for me! Finally, someone who understands people like me and a company that created a scent for people like me! If you’ve ever had problems with your skin reacting to chemicals, you have to give this perfume a try. I’m telling you!

With the beautiful and intoxicating violet and jasmine flavors…all I can say is, I’m so glad I don’t have to smell like soap anymore. When I think of the perfume that contains my favorite fragrances my mind immediately locks in on Cocktail.

For more information on how you can get your hands on this wondrous perfume, contact us today.

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