New Fragrance Launch Makes Good ScentsSometimes you have to wonder what the perfume world is thinking of.

Oh, hi. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a little bit of a fanatic about the environment. I hardly ever use paper, and all of my cleaning products at home are “green.”

I’m not way over the top, but I do believe that if everyone just did their own little part, our planet would be much safer, much cleaner and much happier. Wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway, back to my rant about perfumes.

Do you know about the kinds of chemicals that are in perfumes? I’m so disgusted by them I can’t even list them here. But it just seems kind of strange that you would want to smell nice, so you put a lot of dangerous chemicals on your skin to make that happen.

Don’t you think? Well, forget it. You won’t see me doing that. No way. And what kind of a gift is that for someone you “supposedly” love? Yuck.

Thankfully, I found out about this perfume called Cocktail. You know, the new fragrance launch of Cocktail Perfume makes good scents.  Ha!  I realize that’s a play on words but it works for me!

It actually does make good scents (and sense). I mean, the ingredients in this perfume are natural, and they work with your body, not against it. I wasn’t completely sure that I bought into it so I picked up a bottle for myself. I was blown away!

I’m no stranger to knowing what I like when it comes to cosmetics and fragrances. But with Cocktail I Immediately picked up the scents of jasmine, violet and a beautiful amber. These are all scents that didn’t assault my nose, by the way. They simply lulled me into a state of peace. Partially because it’s a good smell perfume but also because they really were natural ingredients. If you’ve taken a look at the perfume counters in the mall, you know that’s hard to find.

It’s my belief that everyone needs to do their part. You can do your part by trying this perfume. You’ll be as blown away as I was. To get some, contact us today!

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