Smooth silky skin is just a rub awayI was passing a 48-wheeler on the Interstate, looking forward to that next truck stop where I could settle in for the night after a cool shower — my air conditioning went south on me around Houston and it was a cooker of a day.

Maybe I was 20 miles out and another trucker came alongside me and gave me a couple of big honks; I looked over and he was waving a bottle of something…like I could read the label.

So, I just assumed he was inviting me to have a beer when we both sidled into the truck stop and shut ‘er down for the night. He came up to me again with the bottle and I took it reluctantly. He said, “Smooth silky skin with new Bubbletini lotion.”

Now that was the start of a very uncomfortable encounter with a good friend I’d known for years. Why was he offering me a bottle of this Bubbletini shower gel? Did he become an expert on bath and body fragrances?

“Ed, I really don’t know what to say here. I mean here we are standing in the middle of the lanes in a truck stop with twenty-sum truckers and 40 tons of semis on either side of us and you say I need ‘smooth silky skin’?”

Ray was beside himself with embarrassment and I knew there was more to his strange presentation than the  bottle of new lotion I held.

“It’s their signature brand. The premium choice when it comes to body lotion. But—”

Ray stopped and cast a few furtive glances over his shoulder. “You didn’t get the free sample at the last rest stop? I mean the lady had this booth set up and a little sign that said, ‘Don’t forget her back home. Treat her nice.’”

“You mean—”
“—yes, it’s a sample. Betty already uses it and I wanted you to have it for Camille as a special gift.”

Contact us the next time you’re thinking of silky smooth with scents of jasmine and violet undertones.

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