The lady scented body wash. Here’s the rubSometimes as a mom, you have one of ‘those’ days.

You know the kind — those days when your adorable little pumpkin baptizes you with spit-up and you spend the day smelling like sour milk.  Or the kind of day when your 2-year-old refuses a perfectly good lunch, then goes out in the yard and eats dog food.  Maybe you had to ground your teenager — again — or spent 3 hours drilling multiplication tables just for fun.  Or maybe it’s the day that strikes fear into any mother’s heart:  potty training, Day 1.

On those days, you want to do a little something special just for you.  You need a few minutes when you can take off all those hats you wear — mom, nurse, professional, lover, psychiatrist, accountant, chef, maid — and just be you.  After the kids are in bed (for the last time) and finally asleep, you need some well-earned time to relax and pamper yourself.  You need candles, bubble bath, soft music, a good book, a pedicure that doesn’t involve your kid’s wading pool, and your favorite grown-up beverage. To top it all off, you need Bubbletini:  the lady scented body wash.

You will never again debate shower gel vs soap with this fragrant, moisturizing body scrub!

Bubbletini will help you put all your other roles aside and just be you. Its natural ingredients nourish and moisturize your skin to give it a soft, silky, touchable feel.  The fragrance is romantic with a flirtatious twist.  The top note is infused with sensuous violet warmed by jasmine, and the seductive amber bottom notes make the fragrance irresistible.  Bubbletini helps you rediscover your feminine side:  romantic, sexy, flirtatious, and even a little fierce.  It’s a self-indulgent treat that can transform one of ‘those’ days into a great day.

You deserve some pampering.  Use Bubbletini to do something good for yourself, because you’re not just a mom: you’re a woman.

Contact us to experience Bubbletini for yourself.

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