what perfume do men like women to wearSo, men are finicky —  can’t make up their minds about most things?

That might be the case about “some” things. Myself included. I’m definitely right about one thing. And that’s the sexy scent from Cocktail, the irresistible perfume by Cocktail Perfume. I love when my wife wears it. Cocktail answers the question: What perfume do men like?

My wife has a bigger glow than usual when she’s wearing Cocktail. She’s ready to take on the world. She feels pretty and is confident. I like seeing that, and I make it no secret that she smells spectacular and that it’s a turn-on!

Giving your favorite female Cocktail is a creative way to say “I Love You.” A romantic mood awaits! Cocktail embodies the essences of romance with a playfully twisted spirit. The effect is … positively intoxicating.

Cocktail gives women the feeling that they just stepped out of the shower. Enjoy! Think of it as a perfume cocktail.

Cocktail is a perfect gift to open on Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, birthdays — anytime you want that special someone to have that scent that she — and you — simply can’t live without.

Wait until you see how heads turn when passersby realize your gal is wearing Cocktail. Don’t be surprised when they ask her, “What is that perfume you’re wearing?!” I’ve been known to interject with a smile, “She’s wearing Cocktail.”

I noticed something else that’s special about Cocktail. The memorable scent remains in the room after my wife applies it and leaves. So, she leaves for work or to run errands and it seems like she’s still there.

That’s a lingering effect!

So, there’s no question about it. Men DO know what they like when it comes to perfume for women, and the brand she has to have. It’s Cocktail. Get your party started!

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